bitcoinj to MultiChain bitcoin - connection timeout [closed]

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Hi, I cloned a copy of the modified BitcoinJ from: and followed exactly all the instructions in the README file, including using the sample params.dat file provided (multichain_bitcoin.params.dat) without any modification ( so, I am running Multichain as a bitcoin network without assets and permissions).

However, I keep getting the following error messages -- it connected but timed-out after 5 seconds.  Appreciate your kind advice.  I have seen someone asking this before but there was no concrete answer.

Thank you very much.



13:01:34 21 PeerGroup.connectTo: Attempting connection to []:8333     (0 connected, 1 pending, 1 max)
13:01:34 22 NioClientManager.handleKey: Successfully connected to /
13:01:34 22 Peer.connectionOpened: Announcing to / as: /bitcoinj:0.14-SNAPSHOT/WalletTemplate:1.0/
13:01:39 23 PeerSocketHandler.timeoutOccurred: []:8333: Timed out
13:01:39 23 PeerGroup.handlePeerDeath: []:8333: Peer died      (0 connected, 0 pending, 1 max)





closed with the note: I wish to close this case.  It was caused by my office firewall blocking outgoing port 8333.  Sorry about this.
asked May 26, 2016 by yingchyn
closed May 26, 2016 by yingchyn