watch-only-address behaviour query

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I have two nodes, Node-A and Node-B.

Node-A has issued an asset to an address X i.e 'issue X  asset 100'

Node-B uses the command 'importaddress X addressToWatch true'

Node-B now has watch only permissions on address X

Node-A performs a, preparelockunspent '{"asset":10}'

Node-A performs gettotalbalances which results in;

       "name" : "asset",
       "assetref" : "3130-266-11667",
       "qty" : 90.00000000

Node-B performs, gettotalbalances 0 true false which results in;

       "name" : "asset",
       "assetref" : "3130-266-11667",
       "qty" : 100.00000000

The same result for Node-B is returned when supplying true for the final parameter i.e.

gettotalbalances 0 true true

All commands were issued through the MultiChain CLI using:

"version" : "1.0 alpha 19",
"protocolversion" : 10005,

Is this the expected behaviour for watch only addresses? I was expecting to see the same result (balance) on both nodes when the final parameter (includeLocked) is false.

asked May 23, 2016 by Dylan Rathbone

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Locking of funds is a per-node property, related to whether one particular node's wallet will use a particular unspent transaction output when constructing new transactions. It does not occur on the blockchain itself, so this is why you saw different results on the two nodes.
answered May 23, 2016 by MultiChain
Understood. Thanks for the clarification.