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I'm testing the stream permissions and would like to know how to prevent an address from subscribing to a stream (reading) as the default permission is to allow this action.

I've tried the revoke command  <addr> <stream_name>.read but nothing appends (no error) and no change of behaviour

Did I miss something ?

Thank you for your help
asked Dec 11, 2019 by samset

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First please be aware that stream read permissions can be set with any version of MultiChain, but a read-restricted stream can only be used (for writing or reading) in MultiChain Enterprise.

Second note that if you want a stream to be read-restricted, you need to set it up as such at creation time, like this:

create stream stream1 {"restrict":"read"}

As stated in the API documentation, read-restricted streams automatically use salting and disallow on-chain items.

answered Dec 13, 2019 by MultiChain
selected Dec 13, 2019 by samset
thank you for the answer. I hope you'll push this feature to the community edition soon. The encryption workaround to prevent stream eavesdropping is cumbersome.