401 unauthorized in multichain-node in windows and linux

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I created a new multichain with default values except the anyone-can-connect to true, im trying to connect to multichain-node but i got "401 unauthorized", and "This host is not known" if i try from terminal putting all parameters

port: 8346,

host: '',

user: 'multichainrpc',

password: 'E5rWYKww2tUHhnTieff8CgEjMTGEK3Ae4Eg1YZxoq7SE' //In multichain.config

I'm using these commands "multichaind test -daemon" or "multichaind test@ -daemon" to start the multichain, i can use all the commands multichain-cli directly via terminal but JSON-RPC multichain-node i can't


In python (mcrpc) it worked

asked Dec 5, 2019 by hiago8
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So if I understand correctly you can connect to the node's API using multichain-cli and using a Python library, but not using some other method? What is that other method?

answered Dec 8, 2019 by MultiChain
from multichain-node(https://github.com/scoin/multichain-node) i can't even connect to the multichain, but from terminal(multichain-cli) and mcrpc(https://github.com/coblo/mcrpc) i can use all commands and methods
Are you using exactly the same host, port, username and password in the Node library as in the Python library you had success with?
Node library: https://imgur.com/5DfatQR
Python library: https://imgur.com/zR3B2cT

Node response: https://imgur.com/ls8UhFR

Sorry, it was my mistake, i putted password instead of pass
Great, glad you got it working!