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Hi, I'm working on a typescript wrapper for multichain. Since typescript is very unforgiving with simply giving something an "Object" type I'm trying to figure out all parameters for the commands.

So far so good, but I can't find anywhere what the "asset-params" object is (since there is also the "smallest-unit" parameter). Do you have a complete list of the possible properties of this object?
asked Aug 23, 2019 by Rachelle

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I assume you're referring the second parameter of the issue API command?

If so, here's an example showing all possible fields for this object:


Possible values for these fields are shown in the regular API documentation:

answered Aug 23, 2019 by MultiChain
thanks, so does this mean there are no other fields for that object?
because in the CLI documentation it says:
asset-params (object, required) A json object of with asset params:
    "name" : "asset-name"         (string, optional) Asset name
    "open" : true|false           (boolean, optional, default false) True if follow-on issues are allowed
    "restrict" : "restrictions"   (string, optional) Permission strings, comma delimited. Possible values: send,receive
The 4th line, with the ,... made me think there were more possible fields.
This is just a mistake in the help documentation, there are no other parameters.