A doubt with assets and transactions

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A high volume of assets can slow the performance of the blockchain? Internally in the blockchain moving 1 asset to another address is the same like moving 10000 assets? I mean the 1 assets transaction represents the same amount of memory and cpu resources that the 10000 transaction in the node?
asked Jun 14, 2019 by amroth23

2 Answers

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If you send 1 asset or 10000 assets in 1 transaction it would be the same time but if you send 10000 , 1 asset transactions well that would be different depending on blocksize and so forth
answered Jun 16, 2019 by CryptoProphet
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The quantity of each asset makes no difference, but if you want to move many different assets, well that means larger transactions and/or many transactions, so it will be slower.
answered Jun 17, 2019 by MultiChain