Identify address nodes

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Hello  multichain,

I have created two nodes lets say N1 and N2.  the chain has been created on N1  and N2 is connecting to N1.

I have created three addresses on N1 and two addresses on N2.  If I do getaddresses on N1 I get those three addresses and same on N2 I get two addresses. But in  application given a address is it possible to identify which node the address belongs to?
asked May 30, 2019 by Prashant Bhat

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No, this capability is not built into a blockchain, since it is possible to share addresses between nodes, and for nodes to generate addresses without publicizing and information about this on the blockchain.

You could however use a stream in which any node can publish an item with its node number. Then looking up the node for any address would be an easy matter of using liststreampublisheritems.

answered May 31, 2019 by MultiChain