How can I see all the transactions from several nodes?

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I want to see every txid of the transactions from every node but I only can see the transactions between the nodes that are involved.
asked Mar 25, 2016 by JaimeM

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Use the getblockhash and getblock APIs to see all transactions in blocks. Or consider installing the MultiChain Explorer.

answered Mar 25, 2016 by MultiChain
On this way, I can see the the information of the block but I can´t see the txid of the  transaction. I want to have the txid to use the command "getrawtransaction" and see the metadatos of the transaction in every nodes which are conected to the main chain.
If you call getblock with a block hash, the 'tx' field shows the list of all transaction IDs in that block.
Ok, thanks, but on this way everybody can see all txids, can I block this to avoid that several nodes can´t see this information?
No, I'm afraid the whole point of a blockchain is for everyone to verify everything. For more on this: