In a 3 node cluster - transaction posted by writer nodes is not getting mined at some point,those resides in mempool

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In a three nodes cluster (Writer,reader,miner), transaction posted from a writer node is not getting mined  at some point and resides in local mempool only. However, while the transaction posted from the miner nodes, it getting mined successfully and reflected in other nodes.

Debug log doesn't shows any error though (the mode set as 'rpcapi')

Multichain version used: 2.0 beta

Nodes: Admin/miner, Reader,Writer
asked Mar 14, 2019 by Satya

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Are you sure these nodes are actually connected to each other? You can use the getpeerinfo command to find out? If not, you can use the addnode API to make these connections.

answered Mar 17, 2019 by MultiChain