what is node wallet address mine permission?

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I just confused about consensus scheme which is followed in multichain.
1)What is the meaning of node with mining permission ? If single node let's say 10.X.X.X@chain is having 10 wallet address with mine permission does that mean there are 10 nodes with mine? or single node having 10 mine permission address?

number of node with mining permission decided by what, based on wallet address with mine permission?
2) if single node is having multiple addresses having mine permission then how to categories node with specific mining permission in network?
3)round robin scheme with mining-diversity=1.0 means no miner can be skiped for creating block in network . Fraud can be takes olace because whole network has mining permission and it can lead to fraud, am i right?

4)Round -robin scheme when one node wallet address done with mining and publish block in network then that node will be verified by all node or with the specific node who has mine permission to reach consensus?
asked Jan 31, 2019 by kheteshrotangan

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Mining permissions are per-address, not per-node. When we talk about nodes with mining permission, this is a shortcut for: mean nodes that have the private key of an address which has mining permissions. The entire mining diversity consensus scheme is based on mining addresses, independent of how these are distributed between different nodes. But in common practice, each node participating in the consensus process will have one address with mining permissions, to ensure that the consensus is genuinely between nodes.

If mining-diversity=1.0 then the round-robin scheme is completely strict, i.e. every address with mining permissions has to take its turn before the first can mine another block. This is not recommended for production but it is the most secure against fraud, not the least.

All nodes in a network verify blocks, for (a) their internal validity, (b) no conflicts with earlier blocks, (c) mine permissions including applying the mining diversity rules.

answered Jan 31, 2019 by MultiChain