how a node can retrieve the list of blocks when connected to the multichain

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i want to know what will happen when a node does mining of block and suddenly  his computer crashes or pweroff, and we supprose that an other do mining of the same block,so in this case when he starts his computer what he must do, and how he can get the new block mined (to synchronize his list of blocks), how each node can get the list of all blocks in multicihain when he connect? this list is retrieved from the administrator of the blockchain or from all the nodes ??

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asked Jan 22, 2019 by ashir

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It's automatically recovered from the network. This is not something you need to worry about since it's taken care of for you.
answered Jan 22, 2019 by MultiChain
selected Jan 23, 2019 by ashir
yes, but i want exactly verify from where it gets this copy, i know  there a local directoru created in each node ".multichain" but from where the node gets this data, is it provided by administrator node ? if this admin nod is offline line how this copy is retrived
It can be retrieved from any other node on the network, from that other node's local storage. This is all taken care of for you by the peer-to-peer protocol.