what does vout mean in multichain ?

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hi,what does vout mean in multichain

thank you

asked Jan 22, 2019 by ashir
It is the index of the outputs to which the given input is distributed to.

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It's a numbering of the outputs in a transaction, e.g. vout=0 means the first output, vout=1 the second, etc...

answered Jan 22, 2019 by MultiChain
but if it is a trnsaction for assiging permissions how many vout shoud it have?
There's no strict requirement, but if you use an API like "grant" it will have two outputs – one assigning the permission and one "change output" going back to the spender for spending in a future transaction input.
i dont understand the second "change output"
Every transaction needs at least one input. Each input must "spend" a previous transaction output. So if a transaction has an input, it consumes a previous transaction output, so it's a good idea for it to create a new transaction output that can be spent by the next transaction.