connection to web demo ?

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i installed web demo, if i am an admin of multichain i can connect to the web demo  with admin prpivileges i can see anything, but if i try to connect from a simple node authorized in multichain can i get the admi access in the web demo ?. How the access right are managed in web demo? wich criterai is used to determine user privileges in the web demo ??? wwhat are the infomation used to define my acces right can i get admin acces even if i am a simple node ??
asked Jan 12, 2019 by ashir

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It all depends on the permissions that your node have, as the root node have all the permissions granted during the chain creation so it can do anything on the chain. So, now if you want to have admin access on some simple node then you can grant admin permission to that simple node. By granting and revoking permissions you can manage the access rights on multichain. So, if you want to check which permissions your node has by default then you can simply use listpermissions [node-address].
answered Jan 13, 2019 by gimmick
selected Jan 14, 2019 by ashir