Publish to multiple streams from one address

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Hi MC Team

I am developing an application , in this case a survey using multichain v2.0 and I am forking multichain web demo for this purpose , I a, using php and I have 10 checkboxes each one is related to a stream , but when I push submit only the last checkbox is taken to multichain and reflects like published, ( even if I choose more than one ) . When I submit one by one the post works perfect.

I understand that I should post like an array  and I do, but I think the problem is the multichain method I am using for this purpose in particular.

The api call I used for this is "publishmultifrom", I dont know is this method is supported by the kurstman library that multichain web demo use. I replace it in page-publish.php and doesn´t shows any error when it´s replaced from the origial "publishfrom".

I really apreciate your help on this case.
asked Jan 12, 2019 by davotrade

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First, publishmultifrom is only supported in MultiChain 2.0.

Second, the parameters are different from publishfrom, so you can't just replace one command with another while leaving the parameters the same. You would need to make sure you use publishmultifrom correctly by modifying the Web Demo appropriately.

answered Jan 14, 2019 by MultiChain