streams and assets

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Hello guys,
I have some doubts regarding streams and asset..
1)stream is used for general data store in blockchain and retrieval from blockchain so for that one file is created for data base whicjh maitain all those transaction (~/.multichain directory). My question is it is just act as channed between all nodes?and it is specifically used for storing data and retrieving data?
2) when we do asset transaction without stream then where all this asset transaction store in multichain?
3) what would be the benefit of creating stream and asset both together ? i mean this is for confidentiality pupose rather then open transaction?
4) stream filters and smart contracts in multichain is same?

please correct me

Highly appreciate for your response.

asked Jan 11, 2019 by kheteshrotangan

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On-chain stream items and asset transactions are all in the blockchain itself. With off-chain stream items, the data is outside the blockchain but its hash is in the chain.

The key difference between assets and streams is what they represent. An asset is something which is owned and can be passed from one address to another. A stream is not owned, but its data is easy to index and retrieve in all sorts of ways, and this is not shared by assets.

If you're just storing data on the chain and not passing something of value from one party to another, you should only use streams.

As for smart filters, they are quite like smart contracts in that they allow custom transaction rules to be embedded in the blockchain. More information here:
answered Jan 14, 2019 by MultiChain