diffrence between walet adress and public key (is it the same thing)

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hi, fisrt thanks for the multichian communitry for their helps,

i want to know if the waller is the public key, and if not, what s the diffrence between the wallet address and the public key of node . thank you
asked Jan 10, 2019 by ashir

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A wallet address is a hash of a public key generates as part of a private-public key pair in the ECDSA cryptography scheme. But in a general sense, the wallet address plays the role of a public key.
answered Jan 11, 2019 by MultiChain
selected Jan 14, 2019 by ashir
it means that i can encrypt data using the wallet and decrypt it usig private key ??
Yes, your wallet address or the public address is used for data encryption and then this data can only be decrypted using the private key of that address that is used in the data encryption.
@ashir this kind of direct encryption/decryption by public/private keys for addresses is not currently supported by MultiChain.