Publishmulti Syntax

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I am trying to publish data to streams in multichai 2.0.

publish stream1 '["key3"]' '{"json":{"name":"Item","dob":"01012019"}}'

This works perfect.!

Now i am trying to use publishmulti but not getting the exact syntax.

Could you please provide me with the syntax and sample working command.

asked Jan 10 by blkchain_enthu

1 Answer

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publishmulti stream1 '[{"keys":["key3"],"data":{"json":{"name":"Item","dob":"01012019"}}},{"keys":["key4"],"data":{"json":{"name":"name2","dob":"31122018"}}}]'

answered Jan 10 by MultiChain
Thank you very much.!

Is there any third party Node JS API for MC 2.

I have been using multichain-node for MC 1.0.6 version.
Not yet, but you can encourage the author to update it, or else extend it yourself to support the new MultiChain API commands in version 2.