How do I get an address from a private key?

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I refer to
However, I do not understand the two steps here. ex) 283D01856115B7970B622EAA6DAFF2B9ECE30F1B66927592F6EA70325929102B -> 0284E5235E299AF81EBE1653AC5F06B60E13A3A81F918018CBD10CE695095B3E24
and If I do Three step (SHA 256), I get different values.
ex) 0284E5235E299AF81EBE1653AC5F06B60E13A3A81F918018CBD10CE695095B3E24 -> 
but i get the 48ED57E20708C7392AE5DBA73776D0F91A42F87CD82FE4411ED4BA37260402ED
How can I get this 1C72D90868DBCD0252A54EFFB25FB535B4C89B67D57B75FD88465C5F173DCAB5?
The same is true in the process of obtaining a private key.

Different from bitcoin: Add the first version byte from the private-key-version blockchain parameter to the start of the private key. If it is more than one byte long, insert each subsequent byte of it after every floor(33/len(private-key-version)) bytes of the key. For example with 8025B89E:

-> 742D5B3C59BB25F077AACB33D5770AAE22FD5639E8F9A7742BADEF84BCDFB4CC

but i get the 4C76F1957D2C58C650C5CD601A48C7362BBCDA2FD2733B5A6BBA48DC4A961F2D
How do I get an address from a private key?


asked 5 days ago by hscho

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Before we get into the details of these steps, have you considered using the validateaddress API command? That can accept a private key as a parameter and returns the corresponding address as part of its response.

answered 3 days ago by MultiChain
Is it not so that while using validateaddress API command we can check only those addresses that are generated on a particular node, i.e. the node on which we are running this API command?

So what if we have to check for some other address that's not created on this node?