Does anything change for Addresses and Assets when a node is connect revoked

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Regarding the statement, "If permission to connect to the network is revoked from an address, nodes immediately disconnect any connections with nodes that used the revoked address during handshaking."

When an address or node has it's connection right revoked, what happens to the addresses and assets created by the revoked address or node?  I assume the assets and other addresses that are part of the revoked node or address are still available to the network, chain, and other addresses; is that correct?

As a follow-up, what happens when the connect rights are re-granted to the previously revoked node/address?


asked Oct 17, 2018 by rkottke

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When an address has its connect permissions revoked, nothing happens to the balance of that address, or anything it did on the blockchain. In fact, if the address still has send permissions, it can still be used for signing transactions, so long as they are broadcast through a node that is able to connect to the network.

When connect permissions are re-granted to an address, that address can be used again to connect to other nodes.

answered Oct 17, 2018 by MultiChain