How to add a label to the connecting node's addresses?

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I creat a MultiChain in PC A, and use PC B to connect it.

The node address in PC A can be set the label, the relevant operation can be found in the web demo.

But, when I try to set the label of the node address which in PC B, the error is "Private key for from-address is not found in this wallet"

I think there are must be something wrong with the operation to the MultiChain.

Please, help me! 

Thank you!

asked Sep 13, 2018 by tongguowei

1 Answer

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This sounds like the intended behavior. The Web Demo is set up so that address holders decide on their own label, so the Web Demo running on one node cannot fix a label for an address belonging to another node. If you want to change this principle, you should put the addresses to be labelled in the 'key' of stream items, rather than relying on the the 'publisher', and retrieve labels using liststreamkeys rather than liststreampublishers. But note that this means any address which can publish to the stream can change another address's label.

answered Sep 14, 2018 by MultiChain