Question on upgrade from version 10011 to MC version 2 (alpha)

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Currently I have MC on three nodes (testing stage) and I'd like upgrade them to MC version 2 (alpha).  The following info:

"Existing chains running protocol 10008 or later can also be upgraded, using the create upgradelistupgrades and approvefrom APIs." is useful, however, I wonder if there's any more specific writing on this subject to make the upgrade smooth.  For instance, sample code for "create upgrade" would be a good start.  Then, I couldn't find any man page for "listupgrades" from cli interactive mode nor "approvefrom", how do I access these two specific APIs?

And should I upgrade the seed node first or the other way around?

Many thanks.

asked Aug 3, 2018 by aspring2

1 Answer

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answered Aug 4, 2018 by aspring2