Multichain client for java failed to respond

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I'm trying to use the multichain client for java by Karavasilis Giannis you've recently twitted in July, but I've got a problem of "failed to respond" when calling functions of the class Example.

Here's the link of the java client im talking about.

I checked if address, port, rpcuser and rpcpassword was correct, and it is. I thought it could be a problem of non-local connexion to rpc, so I added the line "nrpcallowip=" in multichain.conf of my blockchain. Still not working.

Do you have any suggestions for me ?

Thanks in advance for your time


asked Aug 2, 2018 by wmike
I just saw this in your post: "nrpcallowip="
Maybe a typo but I think the correct syntax is "rpcallowip=" without the 'n' character. Then again it might be a typo and nothing to do with the problem.

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Hi wmike,

I wrote that client, it was based on version 1.0.4 and protocol version 10010.

If you check out the project from Github, you have the same problem? 

(remember to change the username, password, chain_name etc in class)

Can you elaborate more on your network setup? If I understood correctly you have the multichain running on a node and you want to connect to it from another node?

Also, if you try first from the command line, using mutlichain-cli can you get a response?

Thank you for trying the client. Hope we can help you find the solution to the problem.

answered Aug 2, 2018 by kgiannis
Hi kgiannis,

After editing your class, it seems the problem was from my own java code, I made confusions between several network and rpc ports when creating the blockchain and connecting the nodes.
Sorry for the inconvenience, your client works perfectly !
I am glad you worked it out!  No inconvenience at all :)