The unnormal balance shows ( piwallet). how the problem is solved?

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Hi, I have installed Piwallet on the server, everything is done correctly. Sync ended.

  The test of sending and receiving the coins was done correctly. Confirm was done.

The problem here is that the balance  represents an abnormal number.

I sent10 coin, but it shows a very high number on the web wallet

Of course, in the get info correct balance.

But when I enter Wallet Web show  incorrect balance.

 another note : I will creat a new account, the balancing item shows an unrealistic number. Should be zero.

please guide me for fix problem


best regards
asked Jul 29, 2018 by alex2010

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This is probably to do with the native-currency-multiple blockchain parameter, which piWallet expects to be 100000000, the same as for bitcoin. This maps raw integer units of the native currency, as represented in transactions, to display units in user interfaces. You can either adjust this parameter, or else adjust the wallet code to the correct value for your chain.

answered Jul 30, 2018 by MultiChain
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