Several questions about MultiChain

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Will the following business model be possible with MultiChain? Or what parts are currently available?


1. Storing data in a blockchain.

  1.1 The data owner store its data on a blockchain.

  1.2 The owner pays the storage cost to the specific account or address in proportion to the size of the data

  1.3 The owner can specify the price of data when storing data.

  1.4 The owner can specify and change the recipient address.


2. User have to pay a certain fee to view stored data.

  2.1 The cost for data inquiry is the price specified by the owner.

  2.2 Data users can evaluate the quality or satisfaction of data.


3. The data owner must periodically pay the full node operator(the above specific account or address) the cost of storing and maintaining data according to the size of the data.

  3.1 Data that is not paid for storage will no longer be viewable

  3.2 Data can be used when the storage cost is charged.


Thank you, MultiChain.
asked Jul 17, 2018 by enics

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You can use MultiChain to store data in a chain (either on-chain or using 2.0 alpha 3, off-chain with only the hashes in the chain), and set things up using blockchain parameters so that the fee is proportional to the size of the data. The fee won't go to a specific user but will be collected by whoever confirms the corresponding transaction in the blockchain. The fee also won't be decided specifically by the data owner.

As for the questions under 2, you cannot yet do this with MultiChain but it would be a relatively natural extension using off-chain stream items. Basically, a request for delivery of an off-chain item would include an offer of payment. If accepted, the payment would take place on-chain, and then the delivery would take place.

Similarly for 3, this isn't natively supported by MultiChain, but of course you could build an applications which looks for these payments and decides as a result whether or not to keep storing the data.
answered Jul 19, 2018 by MultiChain