Add units in the asset from different node

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Hello Friends,

I have created an asset from Node_1 using createrawsendfrom  . I have tried to add more units in the same node. Then I am able to do it.

But when I am trying to add more units from different node. It's says 'from-address is not found in this wallet'.[Note: from-address is the issuer of assets]

How can I add from-address in all nodes connected.
asked Jun 28, 2018 by piyush.sahay

1 Answer

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The first option is to import the private key for that from address from the first node to the second, using dumpprivkey and importprivkey. Then the second node will be able to do anything on behalf of that address.

The second option is to grant issue permissions on the asset to an address on the second node, using the asset's admin address (which by default will be the address that originally issued it). The permission you want to grant is called: [asset name].issue

answered Jun 29, 2018 by MultiChain