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About: Manager Training is one of the hot topics of discussion these days. Some even predict that by the time you turn your baby back into a toddler, we'll be in a full blown class wars. The Baby Boom generation is now reaching the age where they need to have more authority in their careers and paychecks. And what's going on in the work place? Read on to find out if the training that your company currently has in place is enough to meet the challenges ahead.

There is a great deal of talk about new, innovative products, services, and technology initiatives that are supposed to solve many of the issues facing companies today. Many of these new ideas are a great idea, but as organizations and businesses mature, they tend to move away from the training programs that have been successful for generations. Some statistics indicate that in only two years, millennial workers will jumpfrog over Generation X just to become the largest group of supervisors in the workplace. In short, they are stepping into the void left behind by Baby Boomers who became corporate supervisors and managers. However, is this kind of training even relevant for these young professionals?

Short answer: No, not if they aren't looking to move up. Baby Boomers went to work for the major corporations where they earned the skills required to be a supervisor. Their success in that environment speaks highly to the ability of good leadership skills and the managerial mindset. It also explains why Generation X has such a low unemployment rate, because they don't have the same options available to them in the workplace. New manager trainees must acquire the skills and experience that employers are looking for in order to succeed.

If you want your new managers to have the best opportunity for growth and success, you need to provide them with the leadership, management, and conflict resolution skills that will be necessary for their success. Many companies offer personality based assessments that can help you determine the type of person an individual will be. If you're hiring new managers because of an upcoming demographic shift, such as an aging population or perhaps because you need more people on your team, you may want to include those individuals in an orientation program that touches on leadership and management. These classes should include an assessment of their personal characteristics and strengths as well as their weaknesses.

In the case of a baby boomer team, you want your new managers to have strengths in areas where they are weak. You need to be careful not to focus solely on weaknesses though. The strength/ weakness model is very effective in helping you choose a candidate from amongst thousands that might otherwise be difficult choices. If you want the strength model to apply to your situation, it helps to remember that each individual person's strengths and weaknesses are unique. The same theory works for personality-based assessments as well.

Another thing to consider when planning new manager training programs is what type of learning tools you will use. Will you provide your new managers with books and DVDs? Some companies are now encouraging their new managers to learn through actual experience on the job. This can be particularly useful for people who have little background in management or even if they have some experience. The learning experience can help these new managers learn how to get the job done while building strong interpersonal skills.

It is also helpful if your company offers ongoing training opportunities for its employees. The ability of an employee to learn new skills is key to increasing his or her overall value and productivity. The workforce is made up of individuals who bring different skills and perspectives to the table. By ensuring that you have ongoing training for your employees, you can ensure that they possess the necessary skills to meet your company's goals.

Managers have a variety of learning paths to choose from when it comes to strengthening their management skills. The most effective way to identify which learning path would work best for you is to identify your company's development goals. Your development goals should be specific, as well as relevant to the particular needs of your company. Your managers will be happy to learn more about how you achieve these goals and the benefits you gain by implementing good management skills.

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