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About: The link between tinnitus and physiological distress requires that a multidimensional approach be used when treating the symptoms of tinnitus. Patient education and coping skills could be necessary to alleviate the anxiety that tinnitus can cause. Anxiety and stress are common causes of tinnitus and the worry and stress of it can cause it to worsen over time.

If your child complains of strange noises in his head or ears, it could be caused by excess buildup of wax in the ears causing tinnitus. Do not attempt to remove it yourself, but instead, seek your pediatrician's advice and let the doctor remove the wax in his office. The noises should go away.

Exercise outdoors whenever you can. Exercise helps to reduce emotional stress; lower stress levels, in turn, can help ease tinnitus symptoms. Being outdoors also surrounds you with nature sounds, which are usually relaxing and also help to mask tinnitus noises. Furthermore, the improvement that exercise can bring to your overall health and quality of life helps to counteract the depression that commonly accompanies chronic conditions like tinnitus.

To get some immediate relief from the pain you experience with tinnitus, try taking some vitamins. Some vitamins such as B12 work to protect the nerves in the area of the ear and keep them from registering ringing noises. This is an effective, simple solution that will provide a little relief to your condition.

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